Guest Inquiries

Sage Society was founded in 2008 to bring together people who have a passion for food and wine. Its founder has traveled to over 20 countries visiting numerous chefs and wineries. These travels led to the inspiration to create an organization to give people the opportunity to come together and share in these exquisite dining events. This international expertise  is used to create unforgettable luxury food and wine experiences exclusively for Sage Society guests. 

Sage Society believes an extraordinary dining experience is more than just fabulous food and wine. It brings people together. It creates time to share and inspire others. Great food and wine is like a great piece of art. Imagine an artist looking at a blank canvas. How does he get from that point to creating a master piece? It's about balance, vision, creativity, passion and the understanding of elements.

Wine maker dinners and exclusive food and wine trips are held throughout the year at luxury estates, restaurants, and destinations.

Application to Sage Society by invitation only.

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